Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lost in a bookstore

I have an addiction. I'll admit it. I can't get enough. I treat them badly while I make love to their beautiful, dry creases. Flip it over to get a taste of what's on the other side. Mmm...


If I find a new bookstore then I have to go in. I have no choice! If I'm with other people I'll try my best to be quick about it. Just a browse. A bit of a perusal. Probably I'll find at least one book that calls out to me. It tells me it needs me. I know that I need it, as well.

I'll buy this book and put it into an ever expanding pile. These piles have been growing for years. I'm out of bookshelves and our apartment already looks like a pitiable library of I'll-read-that-soon-I-swear. I can't read nearly as fast as I can buy and there is truly some sort of psychological condition that affects me.

So bookstores...

I get lost in them. In fact, I got lost in one today. I finished French class and went to meet Anna for a "Hebrew lesson" and some homemade goodies.

(As well as a movie called Sex Tape with Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz. It was ridiculous and hilarious, but made even better by the fact that is was "in Hebrew.")

After this movie, I left and began my trek to the subway. On the way, I discovered...

You guessed it.


I had one hour before it closed and I thought,

"Yes! I can do this! I won't spend money and I'll only stay for a few minutes so I can make it home in time to pick up kitty litter."

45 minutes later I realized that I had gotten lost in a bookstore once again! All the beautiful, written treasures sucked me into their world. I realized I had an armful of books and so chose the ones I really thought I needed. I turned to leave, but...

OMG! I was literally lost in this literary labyrinth of  libros lovingly lighting my life. ;)

I had completely forgotten the location of the stairs until I realized I was standing beside them, separated by a wall. Feeling like an idiot, I went downstairs, bought my books, and left.

Errr...I tried to leave.

I actually just bumped into a wall I thought was the door.

Now I'm just arriving home and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

When you get lost in a bookstore...don't actually get lost in a bookstore. And most importantly, when you find your way out...use the door; it's easier to open than the wall.

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  1. I went to barnes and noble a fee weeks ago. It made me want to grab a cup of coffee and park in a chair with a book for a couple hours.